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Salt City Mental Health offers Student Discounts.

Students deserve a break and Salt City Mental Health is trying to help.

Are you stressed out with the semester? Is the stress caused by school interfering with your family life? Evidence suggests that students who experience an anxiety disorder have an increased risk of falling short of their educational goals. Help yourself or your loved one succeed. Salt City Mental Health specializes in the treatment of anxiety disorders, OCD, and other anxiety-related disorders. We provide professional mental health services at a discounted price for college students who are currently registered. Finding a therapist who has the professional skills required to meet your goals can be challenging. Finding a skilled therapist that is within a college budget is even harder. Salt City Mental Health wants to give back to the community by providing discounted services for students.

Student Discounts

College students are eligible for a 50% discount! The discount applies to self-pay, initial assessments, and standard sessions. Proof of current registration at the beginning of each semester is required for the student discount.


Scheduling with Salt City Mental Health is easy! If you are scheduling online as a new client, click the button below, select the diagnostic evaluation, choose the main office, select a date and time, and submit your information. Your provider will adjust the rate once student verification is complete.

Standard Fees

        • Diagnostic Evaluation (60 minute session) $180
        • Standard psychotherapy session (50 minute session​) $160

Student Discounts

        • Diagnostic Evaluation​ (60 minute session) $90
        • Standard psychotherapy session (50 minute session) $80


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